Prince William and Kate Middleton
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Prince William Connects With 11-Year-Old Boy Who Recently Lost His Mother

In Lancashire, England, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, comforted an 11-year-old boy who recently lost his mother. While on an official visit to Church On the Street, a charity in Burnley, the Duke of Cambridge met the boy and tapped into the loss of his own mother, Princess Diana.

Prince William Was 15-Years-Old When Diana Died

It’s well-known that Princess Diana had a very close relationship with her sons before she died. So much so that she still seems to weigh heavy on the decisions that they make today. For Deacon, though, this young boy, Prince William reached back a bit further to remember what it was like just after she died.

According to The Sun, the Duke asked him, “Do you feel like you can talk about your mum?” To which the boy responded with a nod. “It’s difficult, but it gets easier, I promise you. It does get easier,” he conveyed to the boy.

After establishing this safe connection with the boy, he was able to relate and cheer him. They discussed their father’s mutual love for Burnley football and discussed who they support. Nothing like a little sports chat to give a young Burnley boy some sense of normalcy.

Royal duties often include visits such as these but in this case, there likely was no better person to talk to this boy than Prince William. Such a well-known and well-regarded public figure for this boy to personally relate to must have meant the world to him.

Prince William spoke with the boy, as well as the founder of the charity, Pastor Mick, with his wife Kate Middleton alongside. According to The Sun, the royal pair also made friends with a little therapy dog by the name of Alfie.

Do you remember Prince William, back when Princess Diana died? What do you think about this opportunity to help another young boy navigate the experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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