(Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

How To Pull Off Blake Lively’s Chic Bun This Summer

(Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

A quick and easy bun is the answer to many a mom-prayer. But how do you ensure a style that lasts all day, let alone looks put-together? This DIY hair bun looks like you made an effort and it’s super easy to recreate on every hair texture and pretty much any hair length with the exception of the pixie cut.Best of all, this style works on wet or dry hair and is a real time-saver while on vacation or any day of the week. Here are three steps for getting a sleek sexy bun reminiscent of Blake Lively.

  1. Frame Part. Part your hair with your fingers in the way it best suits your face. Blake has her bangs slighting parted in this image, with the rest of her hair combed towards that same part while gradually cascading backward. This parting works for many women as it adds natural volume and doesn’t look severe. It’s also a clever way to hide greys or roots. Beauty Bonus: You can also wet your hair with H20 or ‘hair water’ to get create a sleeker style or give a little refresh to second-day hair.
  2. Gather Into Low Ponytail. Next using a rattail comb or brush, spread your hair evenly to clean-up your part and set your style. After polishing your part, use a holding mist on either wet or dry hair. Hold your hair in place by forming a low-pony with an elastic band at the nape of the neck.
  3. Twist And Pin. Next, take the ponytail and twist it, allowing it to coil upwards to form a ballerina bun or figure-8 bun. Hold in place by wrapping the outside of the bun with a clear elastic band or with criss-crossed bobby pins so your style doesn’t go anywhere. If your style tends to move because you have sleek or full volume hair, use both the bobby pins and the clear elastic to secure your bun for all-day hold. Add another full spritz of holding mist all-over and you’re all set. The trick here is the coiled bun—elevating your look to effortless street style ingenue.

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