Spring Style: Cool Looks for Weekend Adventures

Morning sitting

Luckily for me, Nacho loves H&M. My child has seriously strong opinions about style and clothes will fly out of his room if he doesn’t like the outfit that I’ve chosen for him. But, I know that when I buy pieces at H&M, I won’t hear him complaining. And I won’t bust my budget either.

Since H&M is around the corner from my office, I’m there a lot. Nacho loves their colorful skinny jeans and tees, and I love that I can mix-and-match pieces all year long. The place has all of the essentials that seem to disappear into some alternate kid universe – you know, like socks, knit hats, and mittens—as well as super cool shoes.


These sneakers are creative and fun (important to him) and affordable (important to me).


Ice cream is a Saturday treat for a job well done at basketball practice – and look how stylin’ he is!

Extra shot with sweatshirt

A robot patch is the perfect way to cover a hole in Nacho’s favorite sweatshirt.

extra shot at farmers market

This spring cap helps beat the early morning chill during a trip to our local farmer’s market.

We were so excited to try out some of H&M’s new pieces for spring. Oh, and I’ve got a fabulous coupon for you! You can now enjoy 20 percent off of H&M’s already affordable prices for kids – good through March 22, 2015! To shop online, use the code 2968 at checkout.

*This post is sponsored by H&M. The stories and opinions are my own.