25 European Kids Clothing Brands That Will Have You Saying “Oui! Oui!”

I have a thing for European kids clothing brands. I will never forget my first trip to Paris with my then-fiancé, traipsing from one cafe to the next and dipping into boutiques between glasses of red wine. We weren’t yet married and had no imminent plans for children, but every time the poor guy turned his back I found myself snagging a tiny cardigan here, a ruffle-trimmed sunsuit there, for the future kids I hoped would be among the chic-est in our eventual suburb.

It used to be that the only European kids clothing brand that was remotely within reach was H&M.  So, if you snatched up a fluorescent overall dress on a jaunt to Europe, your kiddo was likely to be the only one to have it. But now tons of European kids clothing is readily available now in the States via the wondrous world wide web (and some pretty great stockists).

Want to get your hands on some adorable European kids clothing brands? I’ve done the research for you! Happy shopping!













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