11 Over-the-Top Stylish Little Boy Haircuts

I’m not biased at all, but I have two of the cutest boys on the planet. They each have their own individual style, and I’ve absolutely loved watching it develop as they grow up. I never set out to have kids with cool hair. It just kind of happened. My oldest son has long (longer than mine!) curly hair that he says is his “trademark” and won’t cut it for anything. My youngest has straight blond hair that rotates between a long, shaggy cut and a short-ish surfer boy hairstyle. I never thought I’d be talking to my sons about hair treatments and leave-in conditioners, but I love that they express themselves with their hair.

Little boy haircuts tend to be fairly traditional, so I decided to scope out Instagram to see if I could find some other cool kids who have it going on in the hair department. I found eleven super cool boys with pretty awesome hair. These boys have style for days; they made me want to try a little harder with my own hair. Thanks, kids…you’ve just added another half an hour to my morning routine.

Check out these eleven cool little boy haircuts in the slideshow.

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