These Sugar-Free Valentine’s Day Cookies Are Just As Delish As The Sugary Kind

At it’s surface, Valentine’s Day seems like it’s all about the love. But, when you really think about it, it’s all about the sugar! Chocolates in a heart-shaped box in the break room at work, a sample or two (or in my case, five) while you help the kids assemble their class treats, and a decadent dessert with your love all add up to a major sugar-fest. I even snag a few pieces of candy from the kids’ Valentine’s Day stash once they get home from school. Depending on how big their haul is, I end up snacking on sweets all week. I can’t control what the kids get in their Valentine’s Day box at school, but I can at least stop contributing to the sugar-palooza in the classroom by whipping up a sugar-free alternative (or two).

I’ve been on the prowl for a few good recipes, and I’ve rounded up 11 Sugar-Free Valentine’s Cookies and Treats that the kids can bring to school.


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