10 Reasons Why I Love Being Pregnant

We often hear the lamenting of pregnant ladies and their spouses proclaiming the terrible side (aka “the dark days”) of pregnancy. Yes, I full-heartedly agree that there are elements of pregnancy that can really blow. Like feet that swell to the size of hot air balloons, but you can’t deny the incredible magic of the miracle that is growing inside of you getting ready for his or her big debut. Call me the eternal optimist, but there’s bliss hiding just below that pregnancy heartburn! Here are the reasons why I love being pregnant.


1. Carpe Diem

I am enjoying the journey and savoring the moments of this pregnancy. I believe in living in the present and am incredibly grateful for the gift that is growing in my belly. In the big scheme of things, 40 weeks is a very short time. Enjoy the journey. This is sage advice for life. Seize the day, my friends!

2. Nap Time

The downside of being pregnant is the pure exhaustion. The upside of being pregnant is permission to nap! Nobody begrudges a pregnant lady a little power nap to make it though the day. You always hear the phrase “eating for two,” what about the sleeping part? Aren’t naps part of the pregnancy health protocol?

3. Glow Girl

As someone who struggles with adult acne (don’t even get me started), I bask in every moment of my pregnancy glow. The verdict is out on whether it is your inner glow shining through or the magic of a few well-placed additional hormones, but whatever it is I will take it!! Yes, there are definitely pitfalls to pregnancy skin. Melasma and stretch marks to name a few, but I am a body butter slathering queen to keep my skin properly moisturized and I’m always very careful to wear sunscreen, especially on my face. Make sure to triple check that whatever skin treatments you are considering are okay for pregnant mamas.

4. Mane Attraction

Beautiful, gorgeous, full, luscious locks as gorgeous as any sexy shampoo commercial? Yes please, and thank you! All those prenatal vitamins are paying off. This time the hormone gods are working in your favor to shift your hair growth cycle. You get the growth but not the loss (no shedding). I will take all nine glorious months of longer and thicker than usual hair.

5. No Period

Goodbye menstrual cycle. Catch you on the flip side! Nuff said.

6. The Nice-Ness Factor

People are nicer to pregnant people. More smiles abound. Chivalry is definitely not dead for those with child. Take it from a pregnant lady that all those smiles and kind gestures do not fall on deaf ears. We are most likely exhausted and our dogs are barking so thank you kindly for giving up your seat on the subway or holding that door open.

7. The Ultimate Excuse

“I can’t, because I’m pregnant!” For once in your life you have the perfect “out” for any situation. Ladies, you must use this sparingly or risk ruining it for the rest of us. Just kidding (not really)!!

8. Health Minded

I’m a girl who is typically healthy with her eating habits and fitness regime. But I, like most, sometimes struggle with a hectic schedule. What I love is the added mindfulness that pregnancy brings. Not that we should ever have to justify taking care of ourselves, but being responsible for the health of our growing baby gives us carte blanche to make ourselves the priority.

9. Embracing Every Inch

As a model I’ve been highly trained on how to hide things. From bad skin to a few extra pounds I’ve got a cure for it all. What I love about being pregnant is the lesson in embracing who you are. You can run but you can’t hide. That belly and expanding booty aren’t going anywhere so I’ve learned to embrace my curves. My Momma taught me to flaunt my assets, isn’t now the perfect time?

10. It’s Just You and Me, Kid

You are never alone when you are pregnant. I relish those moments when I feel my baby girl kick (until she’s tap dancing on my bladder making me pee on myself!). Joking aside, I truly love being pregnant and having this time to bond with my precious angel. All of my pregnancy woes wash away when I think about the amazingness that is going on inside of me.

Photo: Courtesy of Molly Sims