Baby Names from the 1980s That Nobody Names Their Kid Anymore

Some trends from the 1980s are better left in the fashion archives. I’m looking at you, mile-high hair and powder-blue mascara—not that I, uh, ever followed any of those trends. And here’s the thing: Certain baby names that were incredibly popular back then should stay in the past, too. Let’s just say that some of our parents made some odd choices when it came to naming us. Then again, depending on your perspective, it might be that some of the names that fell out of style were purely victims of over-saturation: When you have seven friends named Jennifer, odds are you’re not going to add another Jennifer to the confusion…or name your kid the same name that everyone else is using.

So I say that there are definitely a few baby names that fell out of vogue around the same time as New Kids on the Block and the Rubik’s Cube that could be ready for a comeback. Consider some of these ’80s names that have declined significantly in popularity—or even dropped out of the top 1000 altogether, according to stats from the Social Security Office—since the era of synthesizers and shoulder pads. Could your future baby’s name be among them? Check out our list of popular (but never used anymore) baby names from the 1980s, and tell us what you think!


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