Unique Girl Names

We get it: You’re having a daughter and you’re looking for unique girl names, names with beautiful meanings, because you don’t want her to be the third Emma, Sophia, or Olivia in her class. The good news is that there are plenty of unique names for girls out there. In fact, we’ve compiled an A to Z guide of the best unique baby girl names around.


One of our favorite unique girl names is French and means grace. It’s also associated with novelist Anais Nin, along with the popular perfume.


Love the idea of unique girl names tied to pop culture? This one is for you, especially if you’re a fan of Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones.


Faith and Hope may have been the virtue names du jour for a while now, but consider this appealing and less commonly used pick instead.


This pretty French name means dolphin; and it makes a lovely alternative to popular names like Angelina and Evangeline.


A total gem among unique girl names, Esmeralda means emerald in Spanish, and was picked by Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes.


This Norse goddess name means noblewoman; and it has been a fresh choice for new parents.


The southern state makes a charming baby name for a daughter.


Harry Potter’s BFF has a charming old-school name that means messenger.


This longtime British favorite makes an exotic place name choice for parents across the pond.


This Biblical baby girl name was the name of a strong-willed Old Testament queen — and one of Bette Davis’ legendary film roles.


This exotic place name can be considered unisex, but it’s more popular for girls.


Lorelei sounds like a Hawaiian baby name, but Lorelei is actually a German name that means alluring.


The fragrant Southern bloom makes a unique name choice — and a fun way to get to the Maggie nickname.


This pretty Greek name means “from the sea.”


The name of Hamlet’s tragic paramour was picked by Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl for his daughter.


This lovely Spanish name name means dove; its most famous bearer is the daughter of artist Pablo Picasso.


An apple-like fruit, quince is often used in pie, and it makes a sweet and unique girls’  name.


Replace the more common Emily with this unique choice, which means “man from Rome.”


Wintry precipitation also makes a cool nature-themed baby name.


This variation on Teresa shares its meaning: to reap.


Ursula is one of the major constellations in the sky, and means “bear.”


Though it means violet, viola is actually a beautiful orchestral string instrument and the name of the heroine in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.


Actress Winona Ryder may be its claim to fame, but this melodic Sioux name could be a beautiful and unexpected choice for a 21st century girl.


“X” has become a hot initial, and Xiomara, an Aramaic word that means joyful, is one way to give your kid that X factor.


This exotic Arabic name has a lovely meaning: butterfly.


F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife and fellow writer has this name, as does a princess in an old-school Nintendo game.

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