20 Elegant Italian Baby Names

It’s no wonder that so many parents love Italian baby names  — even if they don’t have Italian roots. With their poetic cadences and the trendy “o” ending on the boys’ names, they’re lovely alternatives to the same old name picks. Here are 20 of my favorites (if only I had another baby to name!):


Yeah, it’s also an allergy medication, but Allegra means happiness, and is a subtle nod to music theory, if you’re musically inclined.



Amadeo means “beloved of God,” and can pay homage to legendary composer Amadeus Mozart.


One of the most time-honored Italian baby names; odds are, if your family’s Italian, you have multiples of this name in your family tree.


Both this and the soundalike Arya are red-hot, thanks to “Game of Thrones.” But this is the more traditional spelling, and the name of a type of operatic song. It’s a melodic choice for your baby.


It’s in the top 1000 baby name picks out there; it means “golden child.”


A Shakespearean favorite, Bianca means white or fair, and is perfect for a blond daughter.


Carina means darling or dear in Italian, and it’s a more poetic way to pay homage to a Carrie or Karen in your family tree.


This name hasn’t hit the big time yet, but given that trendy “o” ending, the soft consonants and its lovely meaning (sky), I’d expect to see more Cielos on the playground.


Dario’s a regal baby name that means kingly. It’s is currently on a bit of an uptick after nearly falling out of the top 1000.


Like Emily or Amelia, but don’t like how popular they’ve become? Try this Italian version of them.


This fiery name means “proud”—and it’s also associated with a Pontiac car model.


Love the floral theme? Fiorella means lovely flower.


This name has seen more buzz of late, thanks to the celebrity chef. The name is Italian for “Jade.”


Forget plain-Jane John. If you want to pay homage to a John in your past, go with Giovanni, the Italian version of the same name.


Cute nickname “Enzo” is a nice byproduct of this charming name, the Italian take on Laurence.


This poetic baby name can be shortened to Luci or Lucy for nicknames. It’s currently in the top 500 for baby girls.


The Italian version of Matthew, Matteo shares its meaning, gift from God, but not its popularity. (Matteo is at #375, while Matthew’s a consistent top-20 favorite.


Ignore the theme-park mecca in Florida, and think Lord of the Rings heartthrob Orlando Bloom when you’re talking about this name.


Rocco comes with the spirited (and forever linked with boxing) nickname Rocky, though it actually has a more serene meaning — “rest.” It was chosen by several stars for their kids, including Madonna,


This sweet Italian baby name means (as you can probably guess) Violet.

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