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Looking for baby names that fit your style? Check out our list of amazing girl names, boy names, and unisex names. Our picks range from top baby names to offbeat names—so there’s something for everyone to love.

Boy Names


The famous British king popularized this timeless baby name, which is just starting to regain popularity here in the U.S.



We think this is a more winning option for paying homage to an Edward in your life. It shares its meaning, “wealthy friend.”


From the Latin word for happiness, Felix has outgrown its association with a cat food-shilling feline, and is now an up-and-coming baby name for boys.


A red-hot name in the first half of the 20th century, Kenneth sports a cool meaning—“handsome.”


A lovely Scottish baby name, Maxwell means “great stream.” It’s currently in the top 150 names for boys—and thanks to Jessica Simpson, it’s been used for girls as well.


A down-home country kind of name, Otis just started to regain popularity after several celebrities, including Glenn Frey, Tobey Maguire, and Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde, picked it for their sons.


One of the consistently top baby names for boys, Theodore means “gift from God.”


A charming variation on the classic Alexander, Xander’s claim to fame is as one of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s closest friends.


Zane has a bit of cowboy swagger, thanks to its most famous wearer, Western novelist Zane Grey. It means “God is gracious,” and can be considered a nickname for popular favorite, Alexander.

Girl Names


An offbeat nature name, Briony means “sprout,” and is a popular pick in Britain—even if it’s not a favorite baby name here.


This poetic French name means “dolphin,” a wonderful pick for a girl living near the sea.


A variant of the Biblical Esther, Hester had a big scarlet “A” attached to the name after it was used for the adultress in the classic The Scarlet Letter. But these days, more people are attracted to its meaning—star—and its vintage charm.


A lovely floral name, Iris reached #186 in the top baby names of 2016. It means rainbow, and is associated with a Greek goddess.


This lovely feminization of the boys’ classic name Joseph has some bold namesakes, including Napoleon’s wife, Empress Josephine, and entertainer Josephine Baker.


This cheerful floral name has just broken into the top 1000 baby names in the U.S.


The villainess from Disney’s Little Mermaid may give this name a more sinister vibe, but it’s a charming baby name that means “bear.”


One of the hottest color/floral names that’s just inside the top 50 baby names for girls, Violet’s been used for a slew of literary characters and celebrity babies.


Pay homage to a favorite William in your life with this feminization of the classic guys’ name. Willa means “protection,” and it reached the top 500 baby names for 2016.

Unisex Names


Scottish surnames have become very popular baby names here in the U.S., and Cameron, which is used nearly equally for boys and girls, is one of the hottest.


This stylish color name works for both girls and boys. It’s currently in the top 800 names for boys.


Used for both boys and girls, Luca’s a gorgeous unisex baby name option.


The most famous bearer of the name may have been the female singer Nico, who hung out with artist Andy Warhol’s crew in the 1960s. But Nico’s a top 500 boys name with a cool meaning—“people of victory.”


This charming Irish baby name has become popular for both boys and girls—hitting the top 100 for girls, and the top 350 for boys.


An Irish favorite for both boys and girls, Rory means “red king.”


This occupation name still trends toward boys, but some parents have been giving it to their daughters as well. People often connect it with Mark Twain’s classic hero Tom Sawyer.


This unisex Hebrew name has an aspirational meaning—“to ascend.”

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