Elegant Girl Names For Your Future President

If you’re not into cutesy, there are thousands of elegant girl names out there that will suit your future President, scientist, or Pulitzer Prize winner. Try some these refined names for your daughter.


A softer feminization of the classic Alexander, Alessandra shares its meaning, “defending men.” It’s one of the elegant girl names we love the most!


Immortalized in Edgar Allan Poe’s epic poem, “Annabel Lee,” this Scottish name means “loving.”


The feminization of the Roman Augustus, Augusta means “magnificent.”


The current Duchess of Cambridge sports this timeless name, which means “pure.”


Claire is a sweet name associated with saints, a slew of literary characters, and actress Claire Danes.


A virtue name that means “steadfast,” Constance was a royal name dating back to medieval times, and a popular baby name choice in the Colonial era.


Diana is most closely associated with the Roman goddess of the moon and the hunt—considered beautiful and brave—and with England’s beloved late Princess of Wales. The name has a lovely meaning—“divine”—and is one of the most popular elegant girl names in the world.


Currently in the top 50 in the U.S., Eleanor has two bold historical figures to recommend it—the medieval era Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, and former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.


The Italian version of Frances shares its meaning—“free man.” With popular Pope Francis in the Vatican, this name has experienced a bump in usage.


Grace is one of the most elegant girl names—literally. It actually means “elegance,” and is most famously associated with Hollywood royalty (who became actual royalty), Grace Kelly.


Found in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, this softer take on the timeless Helen feels a bit more refined.


Not surprisingly, Honora means “woman of honor.”


This exotic place name pick has been a favorite of British upper crust for years—and was used for the snippy sister of Scarlett O’Hara’s beloved Ashley in Gone With the Wind.


Empresses and entertainers have worn this stylish feminization of the always-in-vogue boys’ name, Joseph. It means “Jehovah increases.”


In the top 150 baby names for more than a century, Julia means “youthful.” It’s associated with legendary entertainers, including chef Julia Child, and actresses Julia Roberts and Julie Andrews.


A lovely flowering tree gives us one of the most elegant girl names with a nature vibe. Use this to pay homage to a Laura in your family.


Most people skip straight to “Lucy,” but Lucinda gives your daughter a more formal option. Lucinda means “light.”


Lydia comes from the name of a wealthy kingdom in what is now Turkey. It’s been a popular baby name pick since the 18th century.


This classic gem, which means “pearl,” has a slew of nicknames to choose from—Margot, Maisie, Daisy and Greta, to name a few. The name has been used for a slew of royalty, saints, and beloved literary characters, including “Meg” March from Little Women.


Shakespeare’s leading lady from The Tempest gives us this name, which means “marvelous.” Its most recent claim to fame is Miranda Hobbs, Carrie Bradshaw’s career-driven pal in Sex and the City.


Nope, it’s not after the luxury car manufacturer. This Latin name means “gateway,” and is a literary favorite, used in everything from Shakespearean plays to The Hunger Games.


Literally meaning “beautiful rose,” Rosalind has a sweet, poetic vibe. Shakespeare used it for Romeo’s first love, before he became smitten with Juliet.


Britain’s beloved 19th century queen is the most famous wearer of Victoria, a name which, unsurprisingly, means “victory.”


This sweet name is considered a variation of Violet—and is also associated with the string instrument. Shakespeare picked it for one of his most beloved heroines, from Twelfth Night.


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt chose this sweet name for one of their daughters. It means “life.”


This short and sweet feminization of William has a comforting meaning—“protector.” It’s become  a popular choice for celebrity offspring in recent years, including Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and several others.

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