25 Girl Names We Love

Finding girl names can seem like a daunting task: There are literally millions of excellent options out there. So we’ve narrowed down the list of amazing baby girl names to make your choice a bit easier. Check out our favorite 25 girls’ names we adore — perhaps the perfect one for your daughter is on this list?


The similar girl names, Adele and Adeline, are more popular, but Adelaide has a slightly fresher feel. It means “noble.”



This variation of Isla has a poetic meaning—moonlight.


Forget about the sad old folk tune, and think of the sweet fruit instead. People are starting to flock to girl names like Clementine, which have a vintage vibe.


Currently in the top 20 baby girl names, Evelyn has a lovely meaning—wished-for child—and a sweet nickname, Evie.


An Irish pick that means “fair,” Fiona’s one of the loveliest names for girls—and the name of the sassy princess from Shrek.


An ancient Scandinavian goddess bears this lovely off-the-beaten-path girl name, and it’s just starting to make its mark here in the U.S.


Jennifer’s overexposure may have ruined it for generations, but this lilting variant is a lovely way to pay homage to a favorite Jen in your life.


A word name that connotes safety and home, Haven is currently in the top 300 girl names, inspired in large part by its use for the daughter of Jessica Alba.


One of the up-and-coming nature baby names for girls, Hazel is associated with a tree—and with the leading lady from popular book/movie The Fault in Our Stars.


Harriet was last in vogue at the turn of the 20th century, but it’s high time that this name with a bold meaning (ruler) and cool historical cred (think Underground Railroad heroine Harriet Tubman) made its way back into vogue.


Legendary film actress Ingrid Bergman sported one of the most popular Scandinavian girl names. Ingrid means “beautiful.”


It may feel Hawaiian, but Lorelei is actually a German name that means “alluring,” and was connected to a beautiful mythological figure who lured sailors toward dangerous waters. Variant spelling Lorelai was used for the three main characters on fan favorite Gilmore Girls.


A lovely green stone that’s considered lucky in China, Jade makes a gem of a name for your daughter. (Consider Giada, the Italian variation, as an alternate pick.)


One of the world’s most famous (and tragic) love tails, Juliet retains a spot among the most beloved girls’ names. It means “youthful.”


A legendary Irish queen sported this lovely, lilting name, which means “intoxicating.”


Most recently in the headlines as the career-driven friend on Sex and the City, Miranda was also the leading lady in The Tempest, and the name comes with a lovely meaning—marvelous.


Newly in vogue for rock star offspring, Shakespeare’s most tragic heroine sports one of the loveliest girls names, which means “help.”


Currently in the top 30, Penelope remains one of the most popular Greek girl names of all time. Penelope was the ever-faithful wife of Odysseus, in the epic tale, The Odyssey.


This gem among baby girl names is currently in the top 75 in popularity.


A bold name that means “ardent,” Seraphina is associated with the highest order of angels in the Bible, known as the Seraphim.


Made famous as the heroine from Harper Lee’s classic To Kill a Mockingbird, celebs like Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, and Olympic beach volleyball great Kerri Walsh Jennings picked it for their daughters.


A graceful tree, Willow suddenly found itself among the in-vogue girls’ names after it was used for the brainy witch BFF on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Winter is a cool new choice for seasonal name, on the heels of Summer and Autumn.


A sweet little songbird, Wren is one of the more popular girl names for YA novel heroines—and a lovely and offbeat choice for your daughter.


This Greek baby name means “golden,” and is usually associated with golden-haired girls.

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