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A Pregnancy Safe Ab Workout Circuit You Can Do Anywhere

Working your abs directly probably isn’t the best or most comfortable idea when you’re pregnany, but there are plenty of effective moves that will work them indirectly to keep you strong without compromise. As a rule of thumb most women will want to avoid laying flat on their back after the second trimester as well as avoid twisting. Beyond that the dos and donts are very personal. For some women a regular plank is totally fine, while others will see their stomach cone and may choose instead to opt for an elevated plank, for example.

To set mamas-to-be up for success we turned to fitness trainer and pre- and post-natal expert, Casey Cohen NASM CPT, and asked her to put together an ab workout circuit that will safely help keep your abs strong and your body healthy and toned.
Do each of these moves for the recommended amount of time/repetitions, taking as much time as needed between each exercise. When you finish the circuit, rest, and then repeat the circuit another two times.

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