3 Pregnancy Workout Moves That Don’t Require Equipment

When I found out I was pregnant with Ava Grace, I was in total awe of the life I was carrying. I wanted to do everything I could to make sure my little wonder would grow into a healthy child.

I wanted to stay as active as possible, since I had been told regular exercise would make labor easier—and also help take the weight off. Plus, I believe the release of endorphins during exercise is healthy for baby’s growth. Jared and I hiked hills and took walks together. Walking a few miles every day was an essential part of my daily routine and I walked until (and on) the day I went into labor. I also went to Pilates three times a week.


Below, check out the gentle, no-equipment pregnancy workout developed by my trainer, Nonna Gleyzer. Do these moves three to five times per week to keep your energy (and your spirits) up during this blessed time in your life. Your body—and baby—will thank you for it!


Chest Expansion

Press hands back. Pull stomach in while standing tall. Turn head right, left, and then back to center.

Works: Chest and triceps.


Roll Down Stretch

Sit on a mat and place hands underneath thighs. Keeping arms straight, round back and pull upper back away from hands. Stay in this position for 2 counts; slowly roll back up to starting position.

Works: Upper back and neck



Stand shoulder width apart; open arms to side, forming a “T” shape. Twist left arm to right side of body, keeping arms up the entire time. Hold for one count then bring left arm back to starting position; switch sides.

Works: obliques and back.

Want more workouts? Check out the moves I did to get my body back after baby!

Photos: Courtesy of Stacy Keibler

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