Why You Should Consider Keeping Your Baby Name A Secret


Almost as soon as you announce your pregnancy, friends and family start asking if you have chosen a name. This is one of the most asked-questions after “are you having a boy or girl?” and “when are you due?” Between the most popular baby names and the more unusual choices, the options are endless when it comes to picking a name for your little one. While some think parents should share their baby name with the world well before the birth, there’s a strong case for keeping it secret. It is your choice and it is fine if you and your partner keep tight-lipped about it. And while it may bother friends, family and even complete strangers, you are not violating any rule for concealing this information.


The following are some reasons why you may want to consider keeping your baby name a secret until you give birth:

The element of surprise

Many couples reveal the sex of their baby as early as possible. And they often share details about their nursery decor, choice of stroller and even weekly or monthly doctor appointments. So why not keep one element of your pregnancy a surprise? There’s something special about introducing your baby to friends and family and using that as the opportunity to share their name. If you choose not to find out the gender beforehand, that can be another great excuse for not revealing the name in advance.

Names may change.

Some parents struggle with choosing the perfect name and choose to wait until after the baby is born to see which name suits them best. You also have the freedom to change your mind if your top choice name doesn’t feel quite right after your child is born.

Name stealing happens.

Name stealing can be far more painful (emotionally) than having your wallet lifted or your phone stolen. Whether it’s.a family name or a unique name that you feel especially excited about, then you probably want to keep it to yourself. Name stealing can also ruin a friendship if it’s a pal who might mean well, but just can’t help themselves from using your chosen name as “inspiration”.

Sharing your baby’s name can trigger unwelcome comments.

If you don’t want family, friends, or even strangers take away from the excitement of the special name you’ve selected, then you might not want to share it. Even the most well-meaning people have a hard time keeping their genuine reactions to themselves, so you could end up wondering what your sister-in-law really meant by the way she said, “oh, that’s interesting” when you told her what you’d settled on for your unborn son. And you really don’t want to hear about your Aunt’s friend’s sister with the same name who was a pyromaniac, so don’t give anyone a chance to share that information with you. Lastly, you don’t want to hear from your least favorite mom at school pick up that she knows at least 7 other people who just named their baby the same name you have chosen.

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