Spanish Boy Names That Are Unique Yet Still Classic

The most popular Spanish boy names are often variations on timeless English names—which make them perfect for families who are looking for baby names that are unique, yet still classic, for their sons. Here are Spanish names for boys that we absolutely adore.


Looking for a more offbeat choice among the Spanish names for boys? Consider this option, which means “elf army.”



This charming, less-used name has a lovely meaning—“divine protection.”


This Spanish take on Carl or Charles means “manly.” It’s currently in the top 150 boys’ names in the U.S.


Cruz has become one of the more stylish Spanish boy names, thanks to Victoria and David Beckham.


The adventurous cartoon character helped bring this name—a Spanish take on James—into prominence. It’s currently #129 on the top 1000 list, and is one of the most popular Spanish boy names.


James Franco and the current Pope Francis may give this Spanish take on the classic saint name a new lease on life.


A handsome name, Gervaso means “honorable.”


Ignacio is a lovely saint’s name with a passionate meaning—“fiery” or “ardent.”


A variation on the old-school Roman name Lucius, Lucio shares its meaning, “bringer of light.”


The Spanish variation of Marcus or Mark, Marco means “warlike.” Florida senator (and former Presidential candidate) Marco Rubio is the most famous current bearer of the name.


This variation of Michael means “who is like God.” Miguel de Cervantes, author of the classic Don Quixote, is the most famous bearer of the name.


This picturesque geographic name means “plains.”


Thanks to star Orlando Bloom—and the theme park-filled Florida destination—this has become one of the more intriguing Spanish names for boys.


A variation on Raymond, Ramon is a top 750 boys’ name, and it means “mighty protector.” (Don’t confuse it with the band, the Ramones!)


With the meaning “salvation,” Salvador comes with an artistic vibe, courtesy of surrealist Salvador Dali.


The Spanish version of Vincent shares its meaning—conqueror.

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