30 Mexican Names For Boys & Girls, With Meanings
















The best Mexican names are inspired by the country’s indigenous cultures like the Mayans and Quiché, as well as the Spanish settlers who came to the region as Conquistadors. Looking for some baby name ideas for your child? Check out this list of Mexican names we love, both both boys and girls.



Still rare here in the U.S. this popular name in Mexico means “altar of heaven.”


One of the more elegant Mexican girl names, Ariché means “dusk.” It was drawn from the Tarahumara people.


This pretty name is among the top picks both in Mexico and in the U.S. (It’s currently #32 on the baby name popularity charts.)


Guadelupe menas “valley of the wolf.” Lupe makes a lovely nickname for it.


This feminization of Francisco has seen increased popularity, thanks to popular Pope Francis.


Often among the top Mexican names is this fresh take on the classic Margaret. (Though perhaps its association with the salt-rimmed cocktail may impact your choice.)


Mary may be losing popularity here in the U.S., but Maria consistently remains at the top of the list of Mexican girl names. It means “bitter,” and is often combined with other names (like Maria Lourdes, for instance).


This isn’t just the state—it’s a word name that means “snowy.” This is one of the rare Mexican names that works for boys or girls.


This pretty Spanish name is associated with Pablo Picasso’s artist daughter, Paloma—and it has a lovely meaning, “dove.”


One of the most popular Mexican girl names with Spanish roots, Rosa (not surprisingly) means “rose.”


This pretty name from the Purépecha actually means “pretty.”


News anchor Soledad O’Brien is the most famous bearer of this name, which means “solitude.”


The Otomi chose this sweet name for girls. It means “moon.”


Could this name have been the inspiration for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter, Suri? Suré is a Tarahumara name that means “has heart.”


A saint’s name, Veronica means “she who brings victory.” It’s also associated with a pretty, flowering herb.



Among the most popular Spanish-influenced Mexican boy names is this take on Alexander, which means “defending men.”


Arthur with Spanish flair, Arturo shares its meaning—“bear”—and is slightly less common than its Anglicized counterpart.


Victoria and David Beckham picked Cruz for their son, lending it an extra dose of style. Cruz means “cross.”


Actor Emilio Estevez is the most famous wearer of this top 300 name, which means “rival.”


This Mayan boys’ name means “spirit.” (And Ike would be a great nickname!)


Actor Javier Bardem may be the inspiration behind the popularity of this name, which means “bright.” Javier is the Spanish take on Xavier.


One of the most popular names in Mexico is this Spanish variation on Joseph.


Manuel tops the charts in Mexico, and falls into the top 300 here in the U.S. It means “God is with us.”


One of the many Mexican boy names of Spanish origin, Marcos means warlike. (Senator Marco Rubio sports a variation of it.)


Michael is super popular in any language—and this is the Spanish take on the all-time classic.


This name isn’t about the swank horseback sport or the stylish Ralph Lauren brand. In Quiché, Polo is a boys’ name that means “sea.”


This name means “God has healed,” and its Hebrew form, Raphael, was given to one of the archangels. It remains a popular pick both here and in Mexico.


Consistently among the most popular picks in Mexico, Raúl is a much more stylish version of Ralph, and shares its meaning, “wolf counsel.”


The Spanish word for “river” makes an enchanting name choice—and it can be one of the great Mexican boy names—or work for girls, too.


This Mayo boys’ name means “spring of water.” It’s also the name of a Roman philosopher and Native American tribe from the Iroquois nation.

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