My Top 5 Pregnancy Sanity Savers

1. Pregnancy Pillow

It’s rather large and takes up a lot of the bed and my husband doesn’t love it, but I couldn’t sleep on my side without my pregnancy pillow!

2. Special Water Container

I’m a horrible water drinker. I don’t drink enough water. So, I use this plastic thing that measures a quart. I fill it up with water and I force myself to drink four or five of them during the day.


3. Pregnancy Book (for Him)

We have The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin; it’s written by a doula, and it’s specifically for dads. Husbands learn how they can help during the birth, which is a really great thing.

4. Heating Pad

I use mine for all the random aches and pains that come with pregnancy. Totally essential.

5. Prenatal Yoga

It’s a great way to get active while you’re pregnant. I only wish I had time to do prenatal yoga more often!

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