20 Questions: ‘Royal Pains’ Star Reshma Shetty Fills Us In

MT: What have you been up to since the 7th season of “Royal Pains” ended in July?

RS: We’re filming season 8 together right now. I’m due September 30, so I think they’re gonna film me until they can’t film me anymore!

MT: Are you filming outdoors a lot? It’s been so brutally hot in New York!

RS: Oh my God, it’s over the top! I’m outside filming on Long Island and I don’t even know what to do with myself. Luckily, I have a lot of people who help me. I always have someone there blotting me and offering me a cold bottle of water. There’s a nurse on hand, who has these really great cold wrap things for our necks. Sometimes I’ll have an air conditioned van waiting for me close by. They take really good care of me on set.


MT: What are the challenges of playing a mom on TV before actually becoming a mom?

RS: You don’t know how to hold a baby, and you don’t know how to look natural with a baby — especially with a baby who doesn’t really want to be on set. She’s crying because she’s unhappy or she wants her mother. For those few moments, you have to figure out how to make it work.

MT: Did playing a mom on TV contribute to your desire to become a mom in real life?

RS: Not really, I’ve always wanted to be a mother. It’s just tough as an actress to know when to time things, and of course you never know when nature will allow you to become pregnant. It was one of those things where I said, ‘When it happens, if it happens, it happens, and hopefully it’ll happen.’

MT: A lot of people find it stressful to TTC. How were you able to be so Zen about it?

RS: At a certain point that’s the only way you can approach it. It’s such a special, rare thing to be able to have a baby…I feel very lucky to be pregnant.

MT: How did you tell your husband that you were pregnant?

RS: It was a pretty boring. I just told him on the phone while he was at work. I was too excited to wait until he got home! But, to tell my parents, I ordered onesies that said ‘I love my…’ with the words grandma and grandma in Hindi. My dad was here in New York with us, and he didn’t get it. But, my mom was on Skype and she was like, ‘Oh my God!’ She had to explain to my dad that I was pregnant. We told my husband’s parents via Skype the same way — they’re in Seattle. That was my make-up for just phoning my husband and saying, ‘We’re pregnant!’

MT: Were you wishing for a baby girl?

RS: Honestly, we just wanted a healthy baby. It didn’t even matter if it was a girl or a boy. My husband is a guy’s guy so he definitely wants a son at some point, I think. But to have a daughter as the first baby is kind of nice for a guy’s guy. I have a feeling she’s already got him wrapped around her little finger and she’s not even out yet!

MT: What’s the most surprising thing about being pregnant?

RS: I can’t just sit up! I used to do Pilates, and not being able to sit up directly is very strange to me. Having to roll on my side and then sit up is the strangest, craziest thing.

MT: Speaking of crazy things, has a random stranger tried to touch your belly yet?

RS: No! I don’t know whether I give off some vibe like, ‘Please don’t ever ask me to touch my belly,’ or what. But I would be fine with it if someone wanted to touch my belly. I have a month or so to go, so maybe something crazy will still happen.

MT: Have you had the joy of taking the subway while pregnant?

RS: Yes—I think the funniest thing is to work out who is going to stand up for you on the subway. Some people just don’t even care and pay no attention. You’ll be on a subway car full of guys sitting down and the old lady is the one who stands up and gives you her seat.

MT: What’s your favorite thing to do in the city?

RS: I love to walk on 2nd Avenue down to the East Village, or walk through the West Village. Everybody is out having drinks on the sidewalks and all the bars are buzzing and restaurants are really busy. I think that’s so New York and I’m so lucky that I can just walk down the street and it’s all right there.

MT: What’s your go-to date night place?

RS: Our favorite date night place just closed! It was called Jack’s Deluxe Oyster Bar. It was the best place ever. But, honestly, we haven’t really been on a date since I got pregnant. We’ve both been so busy with work that by the time we get home we don’t feel like going out. So we’ve become Blue Apron people. My husband is a great cook…He’ll make stuff my dad makes to give me something from home, so he’s very sweet that way.

MT: Are you guys into any TV shows right now?

RS: There’s so much great TV on right now. I don’t do the whole watch a new episode every week thing; I binge watch shows. I watched “Bloodline” recently. That was really fantastic. It’s on Netflix. I’ve gone through all of the episodes of “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black.” I loved “Game of Thrones.” Also, I love “Fortitude” with Stanley Tucci.

MT: OK, so I have to change the subject and get all of your beauty secrets—because you look amazing. Let’s start with your fabulous hair…

RS: I don’t do anything special to my hair! I haven’t colored it yet, so perhaps that’s why it has held up pretty well?

MT: Your skin is gorgeous, too. Are there any tips you can share with us?

RS: I’ve only gotten one facial in my whole life. I think the key to great skin is moisturizing. I moisturize morning and night.

MT: What’s your favorite moisturizer?

RS: Sometimes I’ll splurge on La Mer. I also use a basic Neutrogena moisturizer. Occasionally I’ll just buy whatever is on sale at Duane Reade. I’ll use the much cheaper moisturizers for daytime and then the La Mer at night and it evens out cost-wise.

MT: What are your go-to style secrets now that you have a bump?

RS: I think the biggest style secret when you’re pregnant is to just love what you look like. People say I’m glowing and I think that’s just from knowing that pregnancy is beautiful. I like my bump. I was so scared about getting bigger and then having to lose the baby weight, but I actually really enjoy my bump and wearing empire dresses and maxi dresses that show it off. I love wearing a tight shirt that highlights my bump…it just makes me happy.

MT: What’s something about you that would surprise people who don’t know you?

RS: I love superhero movies. Give me a Pacific Rim movie, give me Godzilla, give me the Marvel comics. I love that stuff. I just saw Ant-Man, and that was so much fun.

MT: Why do you think you love superheroes so much?

RS: Superhero movies are just fun and crazy, and I really enjoy them. I can relax and not have to worry about over-analyzing what I’m watching.

MT: What’s the first superhero movie that you’ll show your daughter?

RS: Maybe classic Superman—you know, with Christopher Reeves as Superman. Yeah, I think that’s a good choice!

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