7 Horrifying Questions People Ask When You’re Pregnant

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When I was pregnant with my second child someone asked me, “Are you so relieved you’re having a girl?” I was baffled. I was a lot of things in that moment — grateful my baby was healthy (I had suffered a miscarriage two months before becoming pregnant with her), thrilled to be giving Mason a sibling, and excited to parent another child — but relieved about my baby’s gender!? Uh, no. I would have felt just as grateful/thrilled/excited if I had been expecting boy. I already had a son and I loved him more than anything. I was shocked that this other mom seemed to be suggesting that having a boy wasn’t as wonderful as having a girl.

Of course, I’m not alone: Most women endure shockingly rude comments and questions when they’re pregnant. There’s something about a baby bump that causes people to lose their filter.  They blurt out the first thing that comes to mind — and chances are it’s seriously offensive. Here, real moms from our community reveal the most jaw-dropping questions they were asked when they were pregnant:


“Will you keep it even if it’s another boy?” –irisheyes

“What are you going to do when your vagina is all ruined and stretched out?” -sojourn

“Does the baby kick when you’re having sex?” –lavenderbrown

“Sooo… Those things producing milk yet?” –briashayy

“Are you sure you want this?” –dragonfly

“You’re pregnant again?! But…you already have one of each!?” –swissmiss

“Have you started wondering, ‘What have I done?!’ yet?” –stefnjunk

What’s the craziest/most shocking/rudest thing someone asked you when you were pregnant?

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