More Than A Piggy Bank

Piggy banks are more than an accessory. Why not make a learning tool out of this classic?


Piggy banks, decorative accents in many nurseries and kids bedrooms, provide a great opportunity for kids to learn how to save early on. Saving is much harder to do when you've never had to do it before, so why not start good habits that begin with your kid's very first piggy bank.

Starting to Save

Before your child understands what money is, saving will be easy. Instead of filling up a jar in your closet (which often gets emptied for things other than it was intended for) put money in your child's own coin bank. Taking money out of your child's bank won't be as guiltless as it taking out of your own so it may actually fill up! Once full, take it to the bank, and start over again.

Once your child is old enough, make it an exciting thing to add coins to the bank. As far as they know, money is only for saving.

More Than A Piggy Bank

Starting to Spend

The Money Savvy Pig is definitely a step up from the traditional piggy bank. There are four slots labeled Save, Spend, Donate, and Invest, which can help kids learn that money is required for more than just spending, or if you've really made use of their first bank, than just saving. They can put their money where they want to and you can help them do the rest.

More Than A Piggy Bank

Something Special

Some people frame the first dollar they ever made. I say put those dollars in a box that you canít get them out of and have it engraved. The Aromatic Cedar Bank from Acacia Court Woodworks on Etsy actually requires you to break it to get the money out.

It may sound a little forceful, but it may be what some of us need. The best part about this type of bank is that at some point there is going to be something worth breaking the bank for, but it won't be until it's for something special.