9 New Year’s Resolutions Every Mom Can Keep

1. Drink a glass of wine a night for your health and sanity.

2. Limit your Target excursions to once a day.

3. At least think about exercising every morning. Bonus points if you actually follow through.

4. Beat level 257 in Candy Crush.

5. Create a PTA subcommittee dedicated to sneaking out of the meetings 15 minutes early to grab coffee.

6. Eat only one of your child’s chocolate Easter bunny ears.

7. Fold the mountain of laundry before your toddler dives into it, or knocks it over and buries the dog.

8. Put on non-elastic waist pants at least once a week to make sure the chicken nuggets you steal from your kid’s lunch aren’t packing on the pounds.

9. Resolve to give up all things glitter.

What resolutions would you add to the list?