15 Insanely Cool DIY Pallet Projects for Kids

I’m always itching to get my DIY on, but materials themselves sometimes cost an arm and a leg, and by the time I buy wood, nails, paint, and those 2 or 3 extra tools I need for a project that aren’t already in my toolbox, it all adds up. DIY pallet projects are the answer—with so many damaged ones left abandoned behind my local Costco, I knew I had to pick a few up and see what I could build with them.

It turns out, the ideas are almost endless. Old wooden pallets are the perfect source for project materials to create something new and fun. they’re affordable, they’re plentiful, and just like I did, you can probably get your hands on some pretty easily. Not to mention you can have the satisfaction of upcycling some old materials to give them a new life. No matter your DIY skill level, I’ve rounded up the coolest pallet projects for kids. I personally have the outdoor reading tent on my project list to build for my son in our backyard this summer.

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