Top 5 Family Friendly Finds From Around The Web

It’s Tuesday so here’s your list of the best stuff popping up around the web.


Puffy paint is fun, but DIY puffy paint that you cook in the microwave is an adventure.

Most new moms know about post-partum depression, but how many have heard of depression related to weaning breastfed babies?  Jo from A Cup of Jo was brave enough to share her story.

Here’s a mouth-watering list of 8 pasta recipes filled with healthy foods that can easily be separated out if needed.  With kid-friendly pasta as the main attraction, these dishes may be your best shot at getting your picky eater to eat some vegetables.  And if it doesn’t work, you’re not stuck having to cook a second dinner.

Speaking of dinner, a few weeks ago we suggested letting the kids make it.  This week we’re suggesting you get in the kitchen with them via this post on the benefits of cooking together.

Finally, here’s a list of 7 really good habits to get into while reading to your kids.  Numbers one and two were new to me.