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Must-Try Mother-Daughter Activities for Galentine’s Day

Celebrate the women in your life this Galentine’s Day by doing fun mother-daughter activities together. Since there are back-to-back celebrations, with Valentine’s Day also right around the corner, you might be a little tight on the budget. Don’t worry, these ideas won’t leave a hole in your pocket. These Galentine’s Day activities are budget-friendly and a must-try with your mother or daughter to make the day unique and memorable.

1. Morning special

If there is a dish that your little girl or mom loves to have for breakfast, make their day extra special by serving it in bed. This will be a great way to kickstart their day and set the tone for the Galentine’s Day celebration. You can also play some of their favorite songs in the morning to start the day right.

2. Virtual date

Galentine's Day
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If you and your mom can’t celebrate Galentine’s Day together physically due to study or work commitments, instead of being disheartened, plan a virtual date with them. Just fix a time and get together via video call to celebrate the day. You can schedule virtual cooking, pottery, or even knitting dates. Just make sure you decide things in advance to get everything ready beforehand and enjoy your day with your mother.

3. Spa date

Irrespective of your daughter or mother’s age, try a spa date with them. They will surely love it. You can either book an appointment for a spa in a beauty salon or have a little spa day at home to save money. You can give head massages, foot massages, facials, nail sessions, etc., to spend the day at home relaxing and reconnecting with each other.

4. Movie marathon

Galentine's Day
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Put on some comfy PJs, grab a bucket of popcorn, order some snacks, sit back on the couch, and watch back-to-back movies with your Galentine’s Day partner. Watch at least one age-appropriate film from every genre, from classics to romcoms, for a movie marathon. However, if you are celebrating the day with a preschooler, watch one to two animated films instead of having a movie marathon to spend time with them without overdoing the screen time.

5. Dance it out

Put on some music from the 60s to the latest hits, and dance it out with your kids. They will love watching or even learning some dance moves from you. To make Galentine’s Day even more fun, dress up in fun costumes or as your favorite singers or stars and dance the night away. Per your song theme, you can decorate the room with disco balls, fairy lights, etc.

6. Volunteer

Galentine's Day
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If you love giving back to society or want to teach your daughter the joy of giving, opt for volunteer work this Galentine’s Day. Call your local organizations a few days before and see what you can do together to help them. Whether it be dropping off supplies at a local pantry, hosting a fundraiser, or assisting in the kitchen, celebrate Galentine’s Day doing something good together.

7. Plan a picnic

Don’t stay cooped up in your house if the weather is favorable. Make some sliders, pack some juice and fruits, and head straight to the park or the beach for a full day of picnic with your Galentine’s Day partner. Spend the day playing water games, making castles, or swinging and sliding with your baby girl in the park.

If you can’t go to the beach or the park, shift the picnic to your backyard or even your living room. Make adorable tents, decorate them with fairy lights, read a book, watch a movie, talk your heart out, or do anything you can enjoy together.

Aren’t these Galentine’s Day activities a fun way to spend some mother-daughter time together? Which ideas will you pick to celebrate the special day? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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