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Galentine’s Day Activities to Bond With Your Girlfriends

Ladies, gather round; Galentine’s Day is here! It’s the day that celebrates you and your girlfriends, no matter how young or old you all are. It’s your day, so make it count. Just take a break from your chores and mommy duties to spend the entire day with your girlfriends, gossiping, sharing things, and partying with them. Mamas, you deserve it.

Although there is no defined way to celebrate the day, celebrating Galentine’s Day with some fun activities will make the day all the more special. That is why we have listed some activities you and your girl gang can enjoy together.

1. Meet up for breakfast

Galentine's Day activities
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Meet up for breakfast or brunch at a fancy place to kickstart your day. You can even plan the same at home (after sending your kids and husband away) to celebrate Galentine’s Day with your girlfriends. Make a lavish breakfast spread or something as simple as pancakes and some juice to set the tone for the rest of the day.

Having a potluck party is also not a bad idea to start the day with good food. Alternatively, you can order in to save yourself all the hassle. Whatever you do, the idea is to get your girl gang together and have a good time with them. Once done, you can head out for the rest of the Galentine’s Day activities.

2. Spa date

Galentine's Day activities
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A spa date is one of the best activities to relax and rejuvenate on Galentine’s Day. If getting out of your track pants seems too much effort, get things done from the comfort of your home. Book a group spa session at home for your girls, chit-chat, and snack while getting a mani-pedi, facials, nails, etc.

3. Movie date

When did you and your girls last enjoy a movie date together without worrying about the kids? Why not indulge yourself this Galentine’s Day? Book tickets, dress up, go out, grab some popcorn buckets, and enjoy the movie at a theatre. If not theatre, you can plan a movie marathon at your home if you and your girls are homebodies through and through. A movie date followed by a karaoke night is a great way to end Galentine’s Day.

4. Video call

Galentine's Day activities
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If your girlfriends aren’t able to meet on Galentine’s Day, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the special day. We live in the digital age, so everyone is just a click away. Fix a time with your girls, grab a champagne (or wine) bottle, keep some snacks nearby, and chat with them to your heart’s content to celebrate Galentine’s Day with them.

5. Join group activity classes

There must be something that you all love doing together. Be it ballroom dancing, ice skating, pottery, baking, painting, or any other activity. Go for a trial sesh of a class of your choice and spend the entire day laughing and getting creative. Who knows, it might awaken your inner passion, and you might discover a new hobby.

6. Go shopping 

Galentine's Day activities
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Who wouldn’t love to go shopping on Galentine’s Day? Have a hearty brunch, wear comfortable shoes, and head to shops and malls to get your hands on some of the best items. And with Valentine’s Day the next day, this might be the perfect opportunity to get gifts for your partner or your kids if you haven’t yet shopped for them.

7. Plan a staycation 

If you and your girlfriends love traveling or exploring new places, plan a staycation on Galentine’s Day. Look for areas that can be reached within an hour or two, spend the entire day exploring the new place, and head back home at the end of the day. If time permits, you can even spend a day or two in a hotel to explore every nook and corner of the new city with your girlfriends. You can also make this Galentine’s Day activity an annual affair.

So, which of these Galentine’s Day activities will you plan with your girlfriends this February 13? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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