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Music Together: Why Your Family Should Try This Irresistible, Fun Music Class

If you haven’t heard other parents sing the praises of Music Together, it’s either because you need more interesting friends or because there isn’t a class in your community (yet). But once you attend a Music Together class, we guarantee you’re going to be a convert. Why? Because it’s freakin’ fun. (And when was the last time you said that about a kids’ activity?) Not only do you get to sing, dance, and play instruments with your child, but even after class is over, you will notice your child experimenting with singing and movement, as well as reaching new musical milestones.

What Is Music Together?

Music Together is a music and movement program for children from birth to age 8, as well as their parents or caregivers. The program was created in 1987 in Princeton, New Jersey, by composer Kenneth K. Guilmartin and Dr. Lili M. Levinowitz. From its humble beginnings, Music Together has grown to a worldwide musical movement, with classes at 3,000 locations all across the globe. It is considered to be one of the leading early childhood music education programs in the world.

What Kind of Music Is Featured in the Classes?

All kinds! The Music Together curriculum contains over 200 songs. The catalog features a variety of tonalities, meters, and musical styles from various cultures worldwide. This diverse collection incorporates a range of musical genres, like jazz, folk, and blues. Music Together sources songs from countries as far-flung as Greece and Korea. There are even tunes in languages like Spanish, Mandarin, and Hebrew in rotation. Each session features a different collection of songs with titles like Banjo, Drum, Flute, Sticks, and many more. All children receive a songbook and music download code at their first class so you can learn and sing the songs with your littles in between classes. CDs are also available upon request.

What Kind of Musical Experience Does My Child Need to Participate?

None! In fact, your child already has everything they need to be musical. Music Together was formed on the philosophy that all children are “born musical” and that making music in a developmentally appropriate, playful environment will further nurture that natural ability. What’s more, when children make music with parents and caregivers, they form a deeper bond that facilitates social-emotional development.

What Happens During a Music Together Class?

There are different kinds of Music Together classes, but we’ll describe one basic structure. The classes are 45 minutes long and tend to follow the same musical map, but the songs in each class vary. At the start of the class, adults and kids sit in a circle. The teacher leads the “Hello, Everybody” song that welcomes each child individually by name to the class. A series of songs that incorporate call-and-response, finger plays, and movement follow. There is a “free dance” song, a “play along” song with teacher-provided instruments, and a lullaby to wind up the class. Kids and adults sing “Goodbye, So Long, Farewell” at the end of class to close on a positive note.

What Are the Benefits of Music Together?

Independent research about Music Together proves the positive impact of the program on its young participants. One large-scale study in Bridgeport, Connecticut, public schools showed that children in the Music Together program “made significantly greater progress in the Cognitive, Language, and Physical developmental domains than did 4-year-olds in classrooms that did not participate in the program.”

Another large study in Trenton, New Jersey, showed that Music Together classes inspired musical interactions at home. The study found that “96% of parent respondents said their children asked them to play the Music Together CDs sometimes or all of the time.”

How Do I Get My Kids Started With Music Together?

Visit Music Together’s website and find a class near you! If there isn’t one, contact Music Together about starting one in your area.

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