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5 Children’s TV Shows That Teach Preschoolers About Feelings and Emotional Regulation

“Feelings…nothing more than feelings…” Sounds so soothing, doesn’t it? Except feelings can get pretty big and even scary when they’re radiating from small children. Who hasn’t been blown away by the force of a preschooler’s emotional tsunami? Yeah, us, too. That’s why we turn to TV. “Wait, what?” you’re saying. Yes, TV. As it turns out, children’s television shows are not only a form of entertainment but can also be a valuable tool for teaching emotional intelligence.

Emotional regulation is an essential life skill, one that is crucial to start educating children about from a young age. In order for our children to grow into emotionally regulated adults, we need to start talking about the wide range of emotions, what they feel like, and how to handle them now. TV shows that focus on social-emotional development can be a solid starting point to continue the conversation about feelings with you (yes, you!) after the screen goes dark.

So, c’mon, kids (and moms), let’s learn about feelings! Read on to discover which TV shows are most helpful when it comes to teaching the littles about emotions.

The Best Children’s TV Shows About Feelings

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is an animated show on PBS Kids based on the character Daniel Tiger from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. The show focuses on social-emotional learning and teaches children about feelings, empathy, and self-regulation. Each episode includes a catchy song that reinforces the lesson.


Bluey, an animated show from Australia, follows a Blue Heeler pup and her family as they engage in imaginative play and everyday activities. The show highlights the importance of communication, empathy, and emotional expression. Each episode has a relatable storyline that teaches children about different emotions.

Doc McStuffins

Doc McStuffins, an animated show from Disney Junior, features a young girl named Doc who is able to talk to and heal toys. The show teaches children about empathy, kindness, and problem-solving. Each episode features a medical issue that helps children understand different emotions and how to deal with them.

Esme & Roy

Esme & Roy, an animated show that originally aired on HBO Max, follows two monster friends, Esme and Roy, who run a monster-sitting business. Each episode revolves around situations that help children understand and deal with different emotions. The show also incorporates mindfulness practices and breathing exercises.

Sesame Street

Iconic children’s show Sesame Street has been on the air for over 50 years and has always been known for its focus on social-emotional learning. In fact, it’s arguably the show that started it all. The puppet-based series features endearing characters and everyday situations that teach children about feelings and how to respond to them. The show incorporates plenty of tunes to keep preschoolers’ attention and help them remember what they’ve learned.

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