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Best Live-Action Movies for Kids and Teens

It’s important to pick movies with age-appropriate content while watching anything with kids, tweens, and teens. However, you must also ensure they have a captivating plot to avoid boredom and make family time enjoyable and memorable for the little ones. Live-action movies are one such category that keeps everyone hooked until the end. With so many titles to pick from, choosing the perfect film can be a tad bit difficult. Keep your worries at bay, as we have listed a few live-action movies that can keep your entire family entertained.

1. Matilda

This 1996 American fantasy comedy film, “Matilda,” should be on your must-watch list. The movie follows how Matilda frees herself from her dysfunctional family and frees her school teacher from their sadistic principal by using her telekinetic abilities. The plot of this classic movie will surely make you laugh till the end. 

2. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Quirky scientist and inventor Wayne Szalinski has spent days working on a ray gun machine capable of shrinking and growing objects, but it still can’t get the desired results. However, the mayhem ensues when he accidentally shrinks his kids and their friends to the size of tiny insects. How the kids survive this ordeal without being squashed by the lawn mower and more forms the rest of the story.

3. The Parent Trap

A Lindsay Lohan chick flick that promises a fun ride! This movie is an updated version of the 1961 Disney classic about separated identical twins. How the twins meet and hatch a plan to get their parents back together forms the film’s plot. The movie is entertaining and emotional at the same time, and your family will enjoy watching this live-action together. 

4. Freaky Friday

This is an apt live-action movie to watch with your teens. Plus, Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis are a delight to watch. Based on Mary Rodgers’ 1972 novel of the same name, the film tells the story of a mother-daughter duo who swapped their bodies one night and the series of misadventures following the unexpected swapping.

5. Zathura: A Space Adventure

If your kids love space adventure, grab your popcorn bowls and watch this movie as soon as possible. Two young brothers, Walter and Danny, and their teenage sister, Lisa, are transported into the depths of space while playing a board game. Although the siblings don’t get along well, they must unite to find their way back to the Earth before it’s too late.

6. Daddy Day Care

If you want to spend the day laughing, Eddie Murphy’s “Daddy Day Care” should be your pick. A stay-at-home father and his friend open a daycare center for kids to make a living after losing their jobs. However, will they survive caring for the sweet, innocent, yet mischievous kids? You have to watch this movie to find the answer. 

7. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

This is another classic live-action movie that your kids and teens must watch. The 1971 American musical fantasy film revolves around hope, chance, and desire. Based on the 1964 novel “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” the movie takes you through the fascinating journey of Willy Wonka (played by Gene Wilder) and his chocolate factory. 

You can even watch Johnny Depp’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” based on the same novel. It follows a similar storyline to the 1971 movie but with better visuals and effects. There is also the 2023 Timothée Chalamet starrer, which follows Willy Wonka’s early days as a chocolatier.

Along with these live-action movies, do watch classics like “Home Alone,” “The Karate Kid,” “The Game Plan,” and “My Girl” as well.

These live-action movies for kids and teens will make you laugh and keep the kiddos entertained till the end. So, get the room ready, call your kids, grab those nacho trays (or popcorn buckets), and be prepared for a fun ride with these films. We recommend watching them all one at a time. Don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below which of these live-action movies your kids loved the most.

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