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5 Best Musical Movies For Kids

Musical movies are fun to watch as they teach kids so many positive things through lyrics. It has a profound effect on the minds of kids. They are even the best way to teach kids about empathy, kindness, bravery, and other moral values. But above all, musical movies are so fascinating that your kids will not stop dancing. Want to know about some of the best musical movies for kids? Then read on. 

1. Frozen

One of the most enchanting Disney musical movies. Frozen revolves around the lives of two sisters and their determination to save their kingdom. The movie shows Snow Queen Elsa inadvertently using her power to make her kingdom experience constant wintriness. But her younger sister Anna teams up with mountaineer Kristoff, his reindeer, and a snowman named Olaf to demolish the snowy spell and bring happiness back to their kingdom. This movie has wonderful musicals, like “Do You Want to Build a Snowman”, “For the First Time in Forever”, and “Let It Go”, which won an Academy Award for Best Song. 


2. Aladdin

Your kid must have read the story of Aladdin, but now it’s time for the musical. This movie is the adaptation of the beloved 1992 animated classic Aladdin. The movie tells a story of a kind thief, who woos Princess Jasmine with the help of Genie. But their love is tested when Jafar tries to destroy the kingdom, forcing Aladdin, Genie, and Jasmine to stop him from succeeding. The movie has fascinating musical numbers like “Friend Like”, “A Whole New World”, “Speechless”, and “Prince Ali”.

3. Mary Poppins 

Mary Poppins (1964) is considered the best musical movie of all time. The movie tells the tale of Mr Banks who is looking for a nanny for his two mischievous children. His search ends with nanny Mary Poppins who not only brings a change in their lives but also spreads happiness. The movies have endearing lullabies, such as, “Stay Awake” and, “Feed The Birds”. 

4. The Sound Of Music

You can not miss The Sound Of Music. The movie revolves around Maria, an aspiring nun, who is sent as a governess to care for seven motherless children. Despite all the trouble from the kids, her loving nature tames their hearts and the kids become fond of her. The movie features classic songs, like “Do-Re-Mi”, “Sixteen Going On Seventeen”, and “Something Good”.

5. Alvin And The Chipmunks

Your kids will love to dance with Alvin And The Chipmunks. The movie shows the journey of three musical brothers and chipmunks – Alvin, Theodore, and Simon – discovered by an aspiring songwriter who wants to use their amazing singing abilities to become famous. The animated chipmunks have been loved by all for their slick dance moves and songs like “Witch Doctor”, “The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late)”, and “Funkytown”. 

So, wait no more, get your kids, put on the PJs, and get ready to sing and dance with these musical movies. 

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