Activities during pregnancy
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5 Fun Activities You Can Do During Pregnancy

Congratulations! Little one is on the way. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey and the best time to make memories. So, no matter whether you are a homebody or a working mama, you can always indulge in some fun activities to make the best out of your pregnancy time. We have a list of 5 such activities that will keep you happy and joyful throughout this journey. 

1. Plan A Babymoon

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Take a short vacation trip with your spouse and get away for a few days whenever you can. Just enjoy the place, relax, and try various cuisines. And if for some reason you can’t go on a vacation, then plan-at-home babymoon. Pamper yourself with a spa over the weekends, plan a movie night, followed by a visit to a new restaurant in your area, go on a long drive, meet friends, plan a picnic with friends and family along many other things. If your budget allows, you can even book a hotel in your area for a few days to completely relax and enjoy without worrying about household duties. 

2. Start Your Pregnancy Scrapbook 

If you have not yet started writing a pregnancy diary, or journal, then start recording your pregnancy milestones and journey in a scrapbook. Take out photos of your vacation, ultrasound, pictures of your spouse and family, belly pictures, and so on, and paste them into the book. This way you will not only make beautiful memories for yourself but even for your baby. You both will love looking at the scrapbook many years later.

3. Watch Comedy Shows 

Laughing is the best medicine during pregnancy. Your emotional well-being will directly impact your baby’s neurological and psychological development. Even many studies have indicated that happy pregnant women usually deliver a healthy baby. So, cuddle on your sofa, get your favorite treats, and laugh your heart out by watching some comedy shows, or movies.

4. Have Ample Of “Me” Time 

Yes, now is the time to think about yourself, for a while. So, do everything you want to. Take yoga classes to stay fit, go for walks, take up a hobby, spend more time with your loved ones, go on a shopping spree, click pictures, decorate your nursery, take long naps, freezer cook for postpartum, skip cooking and order your favorite takeout meal, get a new hair cut, write thank-you notes and so on. Just have some quiet time as much as you can. 

5. Begin A Puzzle 

Yes, start a puzzle and complete it gradually. Completing puzzles is a soothing and relaxing activity, which keeps the mind active. You can even DIY puzzles to make it even more interesting and fun. Take inspiration from the net, and your old puzzle set and make new ones for this fun activity. 

You can even decorate your belly in various ways for pictures, plant a garden, sculpt something, throw a mini dance party, or do any other activity during pregnancy that makes you feel good and happy. 

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