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5 Tips On How To Prepare Kids For Their First Day Of School

Whether your kid is joining the school for the first time or is beginning kindergarten, the first day of school can lead to a lot of anxiety, fear, and concerns among the kids. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your kids start their educational journey on a happy note. To help you seamlessly streamline their transition, we have curated a list of things that can help you prepare your kids for their first day of school.

1. Visit The School Or Classroom Together 

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Do make it a point to visit the school and if possible, even the classroom with your child before their first day of school. Introduce your kid to the class teacher, show them the play area and other activities that kids are doing. This will make them mentally comfortable with the new environment. Even if the school does not permit you to visit ahead of time, still take a trip with your little one to see the building, their new place. 

2. Read Them Books

Read a book that tells about the character going to school for the first time. This will help your child to overcome their first-day jitters and boost their confidence. You can even sing rhymes about the first day of school and watch movies with the same theme to make them conformable. Whatever method you choose, do take a moment to ask your kids what they think about their new adventure and how they feel about going to school to learn, have fun, make new friends, and so on. 

3. Plan A Play Session 

If you have friends whose kids will also start school with your child, call them at your home for a play session. Seeing some familiar faces, and having already established friendships, will make them less lonely and scared on the first day of school. Even if you have no such friends, try to find out if there are any kids in your locality who are joining the same school. Try to arrange a session with them.

4. Take Your Kids School Shopping 

Your kids will love this part. Take them to school shopping and let them buy their bags, tiffins, water bottles, and other school supplies. Having control over certain aspects of schooling will make them less stressed and anxious. Plus, the eagerness to use their new supplies will keep them excited for school. 

5. Change Their Schedule 

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A good night’s sleep is essential for kids to stay active in their school. So, instead of changing their activity and sleep schedule a day before school, start making the changes at least a month before. This will allow your kids to adjust to the new schedule seamlessly and without any stress.

Reach the school a little early on their first day of school to help them settle down, see their reactions, and be with them for some extra minutes. All this will make your kid’s first day of school a joyful experience. 

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