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Best Tips To Organize Your Kid’s Closet

Organizing a kid’s closet can sometimes get daunting, but it does not have to be so. With the right tips and tricks, you can create a clutter-free and well-organized space for your little ones, which even they will love to maintain. To make the project more fun, involve your kiddos in creating a functional closet.

1. Ask for your kid’s suggestion

No matter how much you want to organize the closet how you like it, take suggestions from your kids first to understand how they want their closet to look, its themes, and designs. After all, it’s their closet.

It would be best if you customized it to their likes and dislikes. Before you start working on it, ask them where they want their party dresses, how they want to label their boxes, etc. Ask for their suggestion and then work on it.

2. Declutter

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Before you start hanging those clothes in different sections, declutter first. Children grow fast, and many of their clothes must be short (there might also be a few worn out or torn ones), so sort them into separate piles to figure out how many items you must tackle.

The same goes for their books and toys as well. It will give you a clearer picture of how to divide your kids’ closet space. Plus, when you declutter, it will be easier for little ones to use different things.

3. Use shelf dividers

With shelf dividers, you can easily create different sections for the siblings to use without mixing their belongings. Easy access will make their and your life much easier, especially during the morning schooltime rush.

4. Use clear plastic bins

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Reuse your plastic containers to organize your kid’s closet space. With clear plastic bins, it will be easier for kids to see what goes in which bin. Moreover, with designated bins, it’s less likely that their toys, books, and accessories will be all over the closet.

If you don’t find clear bins, get your hands on similar-looking baskets to maintain a symmetrical and clean look. You can also label each basket for easy access. However, make sure to keep the bins within your child’s reach.

5. Use the closet door

Use the closet doors to store things as well. It might look like the door can only handle a little weight, but you can store plenty on the closet door with the right organizer. For instance, if you have lots of fancy paper rolls for your kid’s projects, get a shoe organizer to store them neatly. Similarly, you can get a hanging accessory to organize your little’s priceless clips, bows, bands, etc.

6. Use adjustable hanging rods

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Adjustable hanging rods give you the freedom to adjust the rod to different heights to accommodate your growing child. If you have a decent-sized closet for your kid, you can hang shorter rods at the bottom and taller rods at the top to create separate sections for lowers, tops, dresses, and jackets. This makes it easy for children to get dressed all by themselves.

7. Install wall hooks

Installing wall hooks is another clever trick to organize your kid’s closet. Installing hooks at various heights will create a designated space for their backpacks, hats, accessories, etc., keeping things organized and off the floor. If you don’t want to drill, you can use strong adhesive hooks for the closet.

No matter how big or small your kid’s closet is, you can implement some of these techniques to organize their closet. However, be flexible with your planning and let your kids make changes whenever they want to make things easier for them as well as you.

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