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Tips to Help Kids Manage Fear

Fear is a natural emotion that everyone experiences throughout their lives, even your munchkins. If your child is scared of the dark or clowns, or they are scared of trying new activities, the fears can hold them back and significantly impact their development. Although fear is normal, if your kid is always fearful of things, it’s time to intervene and help them manage their fear.

1. Understand the cause

Before you sit down and lecture them about tackling their fear, try to understand the cause. Why do they fear the needle? Why are they scared of heights? Ask them questions first to understand the actual cause.

Once you know the reason, you can better explain why they shouldn’t fear it. Give them age-appropriate examples of people who conquered their fears. With knowledge and understanding, kids can manage their fears better.

2. Encourage to express

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Often, kids stay cooped up in fear. They won’t talk about it with anyone, and this is what needs to be changed. Fear can manifest in different ways for each child. So, encourage them to express their fear verbally or by drawing, writing, or playing pretend.

Simply encourage your little one to communicate their fears whichever way they feel comfortable. By being an active listener, not being judgmental, and providing a safe space to share their feelings, you can help your kid manage their fear.

3. Teach them to relax

To help your kiddo manage their fear, you must teach them relaxation techniques like deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, counting backward, etc. These techniques will help your kid calm their mind and body, making it easier for your little one to deal with their fear. You can even consult a doctor to learn the best techniques for your little one.

4. Teach kids strategy

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Teach your kids strategies to help them manage their fears. Encourage them to identify possible solutions and options to make sound decisions. By encouraging your child to think of ways to tackle their fear, you can help them feel more in control of the situation and less fearful.

5. Be a role model

Kids often learn by observing and imitating their parents. Thus, parents need to be better role models for their kids. If you have some fears, it’s nice to talk about them with your kids, tell them how you face them, share the strategies that help you cope, etc.

Show your little one how you handle your fears and anxieties. By sharing and demonstrating ways to deal with it, you can help instill confidence in your child’s ability to manage their fears.

If nothing seems to work, then waste no more time and consult a doctor to help your child. This will surely help your kids manage their fear. Remember to share what helped your little one in the comment section below. Your story might prove helpful to other parents in need.

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