5 Tips To Identify And Nurture Your Child’s Talent

Every child is unique and talented in one way or the other. And it’s upto the parents to identify their talent and give them opportunities to nurture it. But sometimes, it gets difficult for parents to identify their kids talent. If your are one such parent, then read this article to know some tips on how to identify and nurture your child’s talent. 

1. Spend Time With Your Child

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Spending one on one time with your kid will give you better understanding of their interests, likes and dislikes. The more you observe your child, the better insight you will get. Engage with your kids and do various physical activities, arts and crafts together along with other activities to understand them properly. Avoid lecturing, nagging or scolding them for every little thing as it will discourage the child to open up. 

2. Signs To Look Out For

Every child is naturally talented. Some might be gifted singers, dancers, musicians, chess players, while some might be brilliant in academics. Irrespective of the area, almost every talented child shows similar traits like fast learning capability, being highly attentive, good vocabulary for age, having an excellent memory and being curious in nature among others. So, observe your child’s behaviour while spending time together and try to identify your childs talent.

3. Talk To Your Child

Your child knows best about their interest than anyone else. So, talk to your child about what subjects they think they are good at, what sports activity they enjoy the most, do they love art and so on. Also ask them the reason to why they like those things.

4. Talk To Teachers and Friends

Your child spends most of the time in school with their teachers and friends, heace it is always a good idea to talk to them and know about your kids interest. Your kid also does a lot of activities in school like reading, listening, playing, critical thinking and so on, so ask their teachers what activity does your child enjoy doing the most and what keeps them enthusiastic.

5. Provide Your Kids With Opportunities

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Once you have shortlisted a few activities that your child is happy doing all the time, enrol them in those activity classes to further develop their interest. However, there could be times when your child might not be interested in that particular activity after a point of time, and that’s completely normal. A child interest changes from time to time with growing age so don’t push them to pursue the activity even if they are not interested. This will do no good to them. 

And never discourage the child from trying new things or new activities. Always support them and motivate your little ones to pursue their interest. You will be surprised to see how far your kids can go with those encouraging words of yours.

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