5 Ways To Know If Your Child Is Being Bullied

There is a fine line between teasing and bullying. Friends often tease each other a lot during school and college and to an extent that is fine. But how will you find out if your child is being bullied or if it is just a friendly banter? Well, we have a few ways to find the answer. Scroll down to learn about them. 

1. Physical Signs

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If your child’s hand and face is covered with bruises or other unexplained physical mark everyother day, your child might be getting bullied at school. Even if your kid suddenly starts wearing full sleeves, and full pants, despite the hot weather, or changes hairstyles frequently to cover their forehead, they are certainly trying to hide some marks. So, be aware and ask them about the bruises. They may not open up immediately but be patient and keep asking.


2. Missing Items Frequency

Losing some items at school is quite common among kids. But if your child is losing their shoes, lunch boxes, bottles, glass, jewelry, and textbooks regularly, they are surely being mistreated at school.

3. Missing School

If your child frequently misses school, or complains about headaches or stomach aches every day before leaving, they are most likely being bullied at school. A child usually makes such excuses when they don’t want to face someone at school.

4. Change in Relationship

Is your child no longer hanging out with the same friend circle anymore? If yes, it could mean that bullying is taking place within the group. Even if your kid is no longer interacting with you or with other family members, or prefers to stay alone mostly, look out for them.

5. Intense Emotional Outburst

If your kids show intense emotional behavior while talking about school, friends, or some activity, it means they are harboring some ill feelings. Even becoming more emotionally sensitive than before or crying frequently for trivial matters, could be an indication that something or someone is bothering your kid in the school or college.

6. Change in Routines

Has your child opted out of extra classes, or their favorite sports activity and even lost interest in their day-to-day activity? Seems like your child is trying to avoid confrontation at school. Ask your kid the reason behind their sudden disinterest. If your child tells you some weird excuses, they are most likely the victim of bullying.

7. Disturbed Sleep Schedule

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Although disturbed sleep could be due to various reasons like depression, anxiety, and so on, it could also happen when your child is nervous thinking about the next day in school or college. Trouble sleeping, bedwetting, frequent nightmares, or waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat, indicates that your child is being bullied outside.

If you see any of the above signs, talk to your child immediately and inform the school authority. You can even take help of the counsellors. Bullying should not be tolerated in any form. 

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