New Zealand Politician’s Son Crashes Her Zoom Call With An “Odd-Shaped” Carrot

Zoom calls have become a necessity during the pandemic, but they have also become a go-to source for unexpected carrot comedy. New Zealand’s minister for social development, Carmel Sepuloni, learned that during an interview with Radio Samoa when he used son crashed the party with carrot that resembled, well, something that requires batteries. Kids, amirite?

While in the middle of a discussion about social services, Sepuloni heard her son burst into the room, but before she could turn around, the prankster held up the carrot. Sepuloni made a valiant attempt to snatch the carrot out of his hand, but his mission was already accomplished – the interviewer laughed off-camera.

Sepuloni, the first person of Tongan descent in the New Zealand Parliament, found humor in the situation and used it to give a shout out to her fellow working moms. “A big up’s to all our parents working from home and parenting at the same time — I see you!” she tweeted along with a carrot emoji. “Note to self: I will never buy the odd shaped carrot pack again.”

The hilarious moment connected with hundreds of working moms. “I was embarrassed yesterday when my toddler and baby both melted down in the middle of my Google Meet. This makes me feel not alone,” one user tweeted.

Another user wrote: “The world just *had* to see penis carrot, these moments are vital to our happiness. Penis Carrot gives us a reason to go on.” Kudos to Sepuloni for handling the unexpected fun with laughter and long live penis carrot.

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