Mom Gives Birth In RV During Texas Camping Trip

While Megan Perez and her husband planned to have their baby in their RV with the help of midwife, but the baby had other plans. The little bundle of joy, Loyal Perez, arrived 16 days early while his parents were camping in Texas’ Goose Island State Park. “It was unexpected for sure,” Megan told My San Antonio.

While Perez’s first four children were born in birthing centers, Loyal was the first to be born in their RV. “It was awesome,” Megan said. “My midwife was familiar with sibling catches and has RV births before, so it was smooth. Leyla (the couples’ 6-year old daughter) was so sweet and helpful, asking me if I needed water. It was just incredible.”


It was a day to remember forever. Goose Island State Park announced the birth on their official Facebook page in the cutest possible way. “Meet our littlest camper, born at Goose Island State Park near Rockport,” the wrote. “The family was camping in its RV when baby Loyal Perez decided to come a bit early and was born with the help of a midwife into his big sister’s arms. Congratulations to the family and our newest Junior Ranger.”

“It was so cute,” Perez says of the post. “I didn’t expect everyone to be so kind and nice. We sent Goose Island pictures, and it took off from there.” The Perez family live and travel the country in RV in an effort to embrace minimalism. “We kind of fell in love with the idea,” Megan says. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s so worth it. Once you finally get over the hump of like getting rid of everything, it makes it worth it for sure.”

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