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The Best Airplane Snacks For Kids

Few things cause as much anxiety as traveling with kids. The last thing any of us want to do when we’re knee deep in suitcases, laundry and toiletries is to attempt to make and pack homemade muffins and other snacks from scratch. It’s also not the time to teach lessons about the value of broccoli. Now is the time for convenience (and just plain survival). The right airplane snacks can be the difference between spending hours apologizing for your children’s crying and screaming and a peaceful, tantrum-free few hours. Bags of celery sticks probably won’t cut it, but that doesn’t mean you have to resort to junk food.

We’ve rounded up a list of healthy (and a few healthy-ish) airplane snacks, so you can keep the kids happy and your sanity level high. While all of our picks come in ready-to-pack packaging you can also opt to put them in reusable bags if you’re dividing among kids (and parents). We love Smelly Proof and Stasher for this purpose. These bag options are also great if you opt to bring cut fruit, sandwiches or other items you’re looking to keep as fresh as possible.


Read on for some great, ready-to-buy airplane snacks for kids.

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