How to Inspire Your Daughter With a Super Hero-Themed Room

Nothing against princesses and unicorns, but I was thrilled when my daughters discovered the DC Super Hero Girls. These teen versions of the Super Heroes we all know and love are amazing role models. They fight against injustice, protect their friends and work together to solve any problem. Naturally, I was excited to discover this new line of DC Super Hero Girls bedding, PJ’s and decor items at Pottery Barn Kids. Finally, my little heroes-in-training can wake up in a room that will inspire them to be their most heroic selves. I mean, how can you not feel strong and empowered in a hideout like this?

Here’s how to turn your daughter’s bedroom into a true superhero headquarters:



Crime-fighters Batgirl, Supergirl and Wonder Woman and their Metropolis High besties like Bumblebee and Green Lantern join forces on these super soft 100% cotton sheets. The matching duvet cover depicts the characters leaping and flying across a blue sky with fluffy clouds, making every day a sunny one. Top it all off with a bold pillow sham featuring Wonder Woman and her trademark golden tiara and lasso of truth, because who doesn’t need an Amazonian warrior watching over her?

To take this look even higher than a tall building in a single bound, add a POW-erful pillow (it lights up!) and a yellow accent quilt for a pop of color. Your girl will feel safe and protected while she dreams of adventure.


Not only do these images of the Super Heroes as their grown-up selves present empowering portraits of strength and goodness, but they also glow in the dark, providing our daughters with an extra super power: night vision!  If girls are sharing a room, like mine, these posters are a great way to create different (secret) identities for two sides of the same room. For instance, my little one worships Wonder Woman, while my older one appreciates Batgirl’s detective side. Or, collect all three for a gallery-worthy triptych. There’s no need to frame this 24″ x 36″ artwork, because it’s made of latex paint on canvas stretched over wooden bars, making it sturdy as a super hero.


Stand up for what’s right, then lay down for a well-earned rest in DC Super Hero Girls jammies! Like the Super Hero costumes kids love to wear during the day, these comfortable PJs will continue to empower them all night long. Available in sizes 2T-8, the pajama sets glow softly in the dark, because of course they do. Wear them to breakfast and who knows, you might even be able to talk your daughter into eating a healthy meal so she can grow big and strong enough to save the day!

Want to empower your daughter even more? Check out the entire line of DC Super Hero Girls Pottery Barn Kids collection here. And catch the DC Super Hero Girls show, now streaming on Netflix in the U.S.