Encourage Your Daughter to Dress Up as Empowering Characters for Halloween

This year, I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see what costume my daughter is going to choose for Halloween. We’re at that stage where I know any year now she could be outgrowing the holiday. GULP.

I’m always excited to see what my kids will choose to be for Halloween.

My daughter always surprise me with her choice of a costume for Halloween. And sometimes I have to steer her away from certain things because they are just plain impossible to pull off (I’m so not that crafty), or things that are simply too gory.


That’s why I love to steer my daughter toward the non-scary side of Halloween. The fun and playful costumes are my favorite but I also make it my mission to find costumes that focus on making her feel strong, fierce, and overall awesome. I want her to love what she is wearing.

Here’s why I’m excited about the DC Super Hero Girls Costumes. 

I’m constantly talking to my daughter about being kind, taking the higher road, and not getting sucked into the drama. And sometimes it’s not just about staying out of trouble – it’s about stepping in and helping others find their way out of tough situations.

You know, basically don’t be a mean girl; instead be one of the good ones like this girl:


Sounds simple, doesn’t it? As kids get older, they start to care more about fitting in and sometimes we need to empower our girls to have the confidence to stand up and stand out. That’s why I love the positive messages that I see everywhere teaching our future female leaders about girl power, and that girls can be whatever they want to be.

And, most importantly – that being kind is COOL.

As I’ve raised my girl, I’ve had many conversations with her about her own strength to make hard decisions in her life, stand up for what is right, and to help others. While they might seem like trivial problems to me as an adult, some of these every day decisions our girls make in their daily lives with friends, at school, and in the community are setting them up for either believing in themselves or not.

Just recently, she recounted to me that some girls she knows well were being mean to a boy in one of her classes and we talked about what she could do next time to stand up to the bullies. So what better way to encourage that female empowerment more than with a DC Super Hero Girls costume?

DC Super Hero Girls is no exception when it comes to positive messages for our daughters.

One of the biggest lessons I want my daughter to learn is that she is strong, competent, and capable. I want her to feel empowered to do the right thing in her every day life.  Even though Halloween is one night – a confidence boosting costume sticking around in her closet will be a reminder to stand up for what is right on the daily.

The DC Super Hero Girls are good role models.

DC Super Hero Girls help, they save, and they do GOOD. I can’t think of a better way to encourage your girl to follow suit than with some of these amazing DC Super Hero Girl costumes inspired by the DC Super Hero Girl television series.

These costumes are FUN and perfectly in style for your big or little superhero.

Inspire your daughter to be the strong, confident girl she already is this Halloween with these powerful Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl and Zatanna costumes.

My guess is, she’ll love them so much she’ll wear these more than once.

Because that’s what superheroes do.

Want to give your daughter even more inspiration? Check out the DC Super Hero Girls, a diverse group of crime-fighting teenaged besties who are just like them.



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