Everyday Acts of Kindness You Don’t Have to Leave Home to Do

Lisegagne / Getty Images

Lisegagne / Getty Images

It’s a universal truth that the people we love the most are also the ones we take most for granted. We’re all sending our kids out into the world with a reminder to be kind to themselves and others, but that message can make a bigger impact if we’re living that life under our roof, first.

Here is a smattering of simple kindnesses we can do for our family that both let them know how important they are to us and model how easy it is to show those feelings to someone. Best of all? You don’t even have to leave your house to do a single one of these.


Everyday Acts of Kindness You Don’t Have to Leave Home to Do

1. Make a point to say “good morning” and “good night” every day.

2 Butter their toast. (Yes, they can do it, but they’re really, really tired some mornings.)

3. Surprise them with a day off from chores so they can spend extra time doing the fun stuff.

4. Donate to a charitable organization that does something they are passionate about in their honor, and tuck the acknowledgement card under their pillow to discover before bed.

5. Bring home books for everyone from the library when you go to get yourself something.

6. Read interesting #ownvoices books with your kids, written by people who both are just like and are different than your kids, so you all learn to understand people better. (Raising woke kids is a kindness.)

7. Watch how your loved ones take their coffee, tea or strawberry milk, and prepare it for them.

8. Create a designated space for them to do what they love in, like clearing a spot for crafting or creating a reading nook in their bedroom.

9. Record TV programs or movies you believe your family members would enjoy.

10. Are they watching the recordings? Make them a special bowl of popcorn.

11. Figure out a solution to something they struggle with.

12. Gas up their car and tidy up the interior.

13. Pump up their bike tires and basketballs.

14. Charge phones you see lying around running low on juice.

15. When they walk in the door, greet them with eye contact; get up and give a hug, kiss, or simple touch on the arm. Make them feel seen.

16. Ask them about their day, and allow them to talk about it—or not. Let them guide the chat.

17. Write notes of encouragement or just to say hello (like with these DIY mad libs), then hide them in their lunchbox.

18. Give them a pampering they enjoy, like a foot rub, back scratch, or hair brushing.

19. Compliment them.

20. If your kid loves game nights, let them set a date for one (especially if you loathe playing board games).

21. Study the thing they are into the most so as to familiarize yourself with it. This way, they have someone in the house who they can enjoy it with.

22. Even if you’re cranky, even if you two just had an argument, if you can tell they need a hug: hug them.

23. Say, “I’m sorry” when you are.

24. Say, “I love you” just because.

25. Treat yourself to some everyday acts of kindness, too, for seeing you prioritize yourself may encourage your family members to be kinder to themselves.