How I Balance Work & Motherhood (Without the Guilt)

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As a model and actress, I never know when I’m going to be working, which is tough as a mom. A lot of times when I’m doing jobs I’ll work for a week or six weeks or two days or 24 hours and I won’t see anyone — not my husband or my friends. With modeling, I miss birthdays and dinners and funerals. I miss my family. But, having to deal with that kind of crazy schedule for so many years has made me resilient. I’m a great multitasker and extremely organized. I can pack a bag and be out the door in 25 minutes. And it turns out that all of these skills have helped me balance it all and stay sane as a mom (without getting hung up on mom guilt!). Here are a few life hacks that I rely on…

1. Trust your own instincts. I used to have to ask a publicist, a manager, an agent, and friends, “Do you think I should wear my hair curly or straight? Do you think I should wear this designer or that designer?” I am not that person as a mom! Now, I make a decision and I move on.


2. Stay organized. I’m a really big believer in picking out your outfits for the week and planning your kids’ lunches for the week. These things will save you time and money. You’ll also save energy, which you can then put back into your family.

3. Create deadlines for yourself. Check off your to-do list, then move on to the next thing! This will help keep you from getting stuck in the little details that don’t really matter.

4. Rely on your village. My nanny is leaving after five years, and I don’t know how to handle it. So I’m turning to my core group to figure it out. Some are new friends, and some are old friends. Some I met in a mommy group. My best friend lives down the street and she has twins. I can trust these women to give me really good advice.

5. Teach your children to be independent. I see helicopter parents at the playground, and that type of parenting is a disservice to children. We need to help them learn how to do things on their own.

6. Focus on QT with your kids. As a mom, you’re always going to feel guilty about something – but you can control how you feel about the guilt by valuing quality time with your kids over the amount of time you spend together. Be present when you’re with them!

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