Celebrity Moms Get Real About Their Parenting Styles

Before I had kids, if you’d asked me what kind of parent I wanted to be, I would have mumbled, “Um, I don’t know, a good one?”  Parenting styles were not something I ever thought about, but that all changed when I had my first baby.  I was so desperately in love with my newborn, I couldn’t put her down.  I breastfed her exclusively, wore her on my chest, and frequently slept with her, so I figured I must be an attachment parent.  I read Dr. Sears’ famous book on the subject, and a lot of his philosophies spoke to me. 

But after six months, I wasn’t just attached–I was psychotic from lack of sleep and unable to function anymore, waking up every hour to feed my little vampire. Suddenly, sleep training the baby and putting her on a schedule sounded like a really good idea!  Not exactly attachment parenting, but it worked for us.  Now, with two kids, I’m still trying on different parenting styles to figure out makes sense for our family, and it’s a moving target–what works today may not always work tomorrow.  That’s why I find it so interesting and helpful to hear from other moms about their parenting philosophies.  I’m glad these celebrity moms were willing to share their experiences and chat about their parenting styles. Click through the slide show to hear what some of our favorite celebrity moms had to say…

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