Best dinosaur books for little kids

The Best Dinosaur Themed Books for Little Kids

Kids love dinosaurs and dinosaurs love books. Or something like that. Dinosaurs definitely love starring in books and there are so many out there to choose from. But which ones are really good?

I based my favourites on dinosaur books that offer a meaningful theme, beautiful illustrations and careful attention to language and story. And, of course, books that are super fun for young kids – both early readers and even younger.

The final 11 books I chose are all of these things – just a delight to read from cover to cover for kids and parents both. These books are a fantastic way to nurture a love of dinosaurs into a love of reading too.

Incidentally, you know a book is good when it’s been read so many times that the cover is sticky-taped together and the pages are whisper-thin.

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More good dinosaur fun:

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