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Best IKEA Bunk Bed Hacks for a Stunning Kid’s Room

Are you planning to buy bunk beds for your kids’ bedroom? Or are your little ones begging for a room makeover with cool bunk beds? We all have been there, mommies! Bunk beds are a great way to add more sleeping space for siblings in a small room without much effort. The children get to sleep together, and you save on precious floor space to leave more room for playtime. It is a win-win for parents and kids alike!

However, the usual arrangement can get boring. As parents, don’t we all love incorporating fun elements into all aspects of our kids’ lives? That is why we have some of the best IKEA bunk bed hacks that are not only cool but also creative and crafty. These hacks will surely make your kids jump with joy.

1. Upholstered bunk bed

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Want a sophisticated IKEA bunk bed for your kid’s room? Try tufted fabric and adorable buttons to add a soft, girly vibe to the bed. They will look elegant and classy. You can opt for any pastel shade fabric which is easy to clean and maintain.

2. Make room for three bunk bed

Your kids don’t want separate rooms and insist on sleeping together in one room? Well, bunk beds usually come with two beds, but what if you have three little ones? Try this IKEA bunk bed hack! A corner configuration of the bed can easily fit three siblings in one room, leaving extra space for their play area. Keep the décor and bedspread neutral to keep the large arrangement from overwhelming the room. There will be tons of toys cluttering the room anyway.

3. Dressed up bunk bed

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A dresser under a bed is an excellent IKEA bunk bed hack if you have a space crunch or are trying to keep most of the floor clear for your kiddo to run around. Place dressers (buy, DIY, or order online as per the measurement) under the upper bunk to keep your kid’s toys, books, and clothes. This way, you will get plenty of storage in your kid’s room without taking up another wall. Plus, with everything at your kid’s reach, you don’t have to run to their room every time they call out to hand over their books or toys. It’s a win-win, mamas.

4. Homey curtain bunk bed

Give the bunk beds a homey feel with a house-themed curtain that can be pulled open or closed as needed. Your kids can use that cozy little nook for reading books or recreating pretend tea parties or castle life with their friends.

5. Bookcase bunk bed

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Your kids will love this IKEA bunk bed hack, especially if they love reading books (or you love de-cluttering and organizing things). This bookcase-bunk bed combo makes everything easily accessible from the comfort of the bed.

6. Triple-decker bunk bed

Expand their horizons, literally. This tri-level IKEA bunk bed hack makes three-to-a-room a doable sleeping solution. It’s another tremendous space-saving trick. Just ensure that the gap between the uppermost bed and your ceiling is sufficient for your kids to easily get in and out of bed. Their head shouldn’t whack into the wall when they wake up. While it may ensure your kids are wide awake for school, it isn’t the nicest way to start the day.

7. Chalk and snooze bunk bed

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Make the bunk bed a canvas for your kids with chalkboard panels. This IKEA bed hack is excellent for littles who love to draw. Plus, with a chalkboard panel on the bed, your children will be less likely to draw their masterpieces on the wall. Moreover, kids can change the designs to suit their moods and customize their bunk.

8. Fire truck bunk bed

Does your little one love fire trucks? Why not customize their bed into a fire truck? In a room with two bunks, make the lower level of one a fire station. The kids will be so enthralled with the imaginative play place that they won’t even care about sharing a room with their siblings.

9. Pink princess castle bunk bed

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Sweet dreams are made of this! Many kids have a turret-adorned castle as a bed on their bedroom wish list. So, make your kids’ dreams come true and watch your princesses sleep with a smile every day.

10. Rock climbing bunk bed

With this clever rock wall DIY, you can turn your regular bunk bed into something extraordinary. Your kids will love climbing the wall every single time. It is an excellent idea for indoor physical activity.

There are so many IKEA bunk bed hacks for your kids’ room. Just be creative, think of things your children love, draw rough sketches with those ideas in mind, and make them come to life after finalizing the design with your little ones. And don’t forget to share which IKEA bunk bed hack you went with for your kiddo in the comment section below.

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