Unforgettable, Hilarious & Heartbreaking Stories That Went Viral in 2015

It’s been quite a year. From triumphs like the nationwide legalization of gay marriage to tragedies like the Paris terrorist attacks, we’ve been through a lot. But, at least we could count on the celebrity set to distract us with their over-the-top antics, from the birth of Saint West to John Travolta getting handsy with Idina Menzel at The Academy Awards. There were also plenty of jaw-dropping Is this really real?! moments, including the Ashley Madison hack and the Josh Duggar sex scandal, that just got better and better with each new report (Admit it: You know just what we mean). And, there were plenty heartwarming moments (remember Shannon Abbott’s ‘Hallelujah’ cover?) and heartbreaking moments that made us more thankful than ever to be moms (well, most days at least).

And here’s the thing: Thanks to social media, we have the joy of reliving our favorite stories that went viral in 2015 over and over again. Here are the moments from this last year that we’ll never forget. Are there any more that you’d add to our list?



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