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31 Fun Car Games For Kids

Fun car games for kids are absolutely essential if you’re going on any kind of road trip. Remember when everyone actually talked during long car rides, playing road trip games — you know, before portable DVD players and iPads? I do, and that’s the kind of road trip I’m determined to have with my own son. In fact, I can’t wait to teach him some of the car games for kids that I enjoyed growing up. (Yes, he’s just a baby, so I have a little time to plan, but still…) I was the master of Road Trip Bingo, so I am sure he will be a natural at that one. But, there are so many other fun car games that we can play, from some variation of “I Spy” to activity boards that we can DIY together before our trip.

Getting ready for your own spring break road trip? Check out this round-up of fun car games for kids and try a few with your fam.

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31 Fun Car Games That Will Entertain Your Kids for Hours

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