Easy DIY Projects With a Mason Jar
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Easy DIY Projects With a Mason Jar

Don’t you think the number of things you can make with a scrap item is impressive? Some items are so versatile that having a few on hand is worth it. Mason jars are one of those things! These jars can be used for parties (fancy drinks, anyone?), storage, and even catching bugs with kids. If you have some mason jars that you don’t know what to do with, here are a few DIY projects you and your kids can do together. They are easy to make yet functional.

1. Make unique photo frames

Want a quirky way to display your family photos on your mantle or entryway? Use mason jars! The curvature of the jar makes it perfect for displaying pictures (especially funny ones). Put the images in the jar and turn them upside down, or keep it as it is without a lid. This is a no-fuss way to display cute photos at your kid’s birthday party.

2. Put floating candles

Mason Jar DIY
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Place a floating candle in a mason jar for a spectacular DIY centerpiece. Finish off the look with a bit of twine, and you are done! You can even decorate the jar with ribbon or add glitter in the water for a mesmerizing effect.

3. Personalize it with a monogram

Want to give a personalized gift to your friend or family? Then grab those mason jars, paste glitter monograms on them, and fill the jar with flowers, candies, scented candles, coffee pods, or anything they like, and your DIY gift is ready. This is one of the best last-minute gift ideas for your loved one.

4. Make a lamp

Amazing wagon wheel lamp with mason jar scavos hanging from wood beam barn ceiling
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You can make DIY lamps with those big mason jars you have saved for years. Just drill holes in the mason jar lid, pass some wires, and attach it with a lampshade for a brand-new lamp fixture. We assure you, these lamps are gorgeous to look at.

5. Make storage shelf jars

So many things, so little space! Organize all of your knick-knacks by placing them in short, clear jars. Then, attach a magnet to the top of the mason jars and on the shelf to keep them off the floor and in plain sight. If you don’t want to attach them to the shelves, place the jars on them for a uniform look.

6. Make hanging lanterns

Mason jars filled with warm glowing lights decorations hanging from trees drapped in lights
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Do you want to add a DIY touch to your friend’s wedding or backyard party? Then, make these hanging lanterns from mason jars. All you will need is wire, pliers, a small candle (or candle stick), and sugar crystals to make these adorable hanging lanterns. For maximum impact, ensure you have a handful of mason jars for this DIY project, as one or two mason jar lanterns won’t make a statement.

7. Make a beach terrarium

Turn your simple mason jar into something interesting with this DIY project. Turn them into a beach terrarium for your kids to keep their beach treasures in or to bring a beachy vibe to your room. You can use all kinds of jar shapes for this DIY project. Make one or multiple terrariums or even aquariums as per the need. However, make sure not to house a fish in a mason jar aquarium because the container isn’t big enough for them.

8. Make soap dispenser

Mason Jar DIY
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Why buy a new soap dispenser when you can turn mason jars into one? Attach a pump to your mason jar for a beautiful DIY soap dispenser.

9. Make a birthday cake jar

What better party favor than a take-home cake jar? Put the cake in the jar (with or without frosting), paste a cute thank you message on the lid, and decorate it with ribbon. Your sweet party favor is ready for the guests!

10. Keep bath salts

Bath products are fun, but paying for them is not. Make a batch of yummy-smelling lemon scrub or any scrub of your choice, and paste a card on the mason jar for a perfect DIY spa day gift for your friends and family. You can even save some for yourself, too.

Mason jars are perfect for DIY projects. You can do so many things with them and use them in several ways per your needs. So, what will you make with your mason jar? Do let us know in the comment section below. Also, feel free to share your DIY ideas with us so we can make new things with our mason jars.

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